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***IMPORTANT NOTE: Your purchase of tickets for any event held at Board Camp Crystal Mine, indicates that you have read the following, understand and agree. Upon arrival on site, all persons age 18 and up will be required to read and sign a "Use Agreement and Release of Liability" form. We want everyone to have a SAFE and ENJOYABLE visit, and that is why we need everyone to FOLLOW the RULES!
1. YES! Kids under age 16 are FREE! The admission price of $25, age 16 and up, includes sales tax, fees, and rental of 1 of the mine's yellow gathering buckets of 5-gallon capacity. You MUST use the mine's yellow BUCKETS to GATHER your crystals. After your dig you can transfer the crystals into your OWN containers that you bring. If your kids want their own buckets, additional bucket rentals are $10 each. If you don't have hand tools, you can RENT a bucket of hand tools and knee pads for your use at $5 each!
2. Sorry, we do not offer DISCOUNTS, because we discount when we let KIDS under 16 in for FREE! Thank you that YOUR FEE helps toward getting a CHILD off the screens and out into NATURE!
3. We DO offer discounts of up to 25% for PRIVATE TOURS of a group of 10 persons or more. Call us for details!
4. We can accept your CREDIT CARD, but appreciate CASH… it’s FASTER to deal with!
5. YES! The mine is ACCESSIBLE! You can drive right up to the dig site! Wheelchairs, hover-rounds, and strollers have been used here!
6. Although we are closed Tue and Wed, IF those days are absolutely the ONLY days you can come, give us a CALL and we'll see if we can fit you in on our day off... we try to accommodate our visitors because we APPRECIATE you!
7. Don't worry if you can't come until 1 pm! Closing time is 3 pm, but the average visitor stays about 2 hours. Within that time, you WILL find crystals on the surface as well as under... crystals are EVERYWHERE at Board Camp Crystal Mine!
8. Be SURE to DRESS for the WEATHER! Rain or shine, we dig, but will close if there is a threat of severe weather. If your dig time was interrupted due to weather, we will refund part of your fee. We are fair and try to work with everybody.
9. YES! You can bring your DOGS! Your dog MUST be people-friendly! And your dog MUST be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES. Please PICK UP dog excrement in plastic bags and put in trash. Please be sure your dog has access to water during the visit.
10. There is no guarantee of what you might find in the mine. We allow full refunds within the first 20 minutes after you are escorted to the mine site for digging. Just return to the store to check out. No crystals may be taken from the site in case of a full refund. Your visit past 20 minutes indicates you are satisfied with your experience. A partial refund may be given in case of the advent of severe weather which may shorten your intended visit.
11. We appreciate your business and want to be fair with you, so don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any concerns or questions!
1. Containers to put your crystal in to take home and tools for digging! WalMart, Atwoods, and Dollar Stores in Mena sell empty 5 gallon buckets and metal hand tools. We also have used plastic shopping bags we can give you to take your crystals home.
2. Regarding tools: plastic tools break too easily, so bring metal hand trowels and rakes.... old screwdrivers are perfect! We recommend you bring gloves, eye protection, knee pads or old rug for kneeling, spray bottle of water and/or an old paintbrush with the bristles cut short make great cleaning tools in the field!
3. We do have picnic tables! Bring your picnic lunch, snacks, and NON-alcoholic drinks (Federal law).
4. We highly recommend you bring sunscreen, bug spray, your own lawn chair or camp chair for your comfort, hat for shade.
All Visitors are required to read these regulations and participate in this ‘site-specific safety training’ prior to entering the mine, and to sign a waiver of liability. The following comply with Federal regulations as outlined by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), and must be followed for your safety.
1. The mine is located in an uncontrolled wilderness environment and Visitors agree to take full responsibility for their health, safety and welfare in that environment, and those in their party. Possible hazards may include but are not limited to: poison ivy, briars, ants, insects, snakes, wild animals, dogs, sunburn, etc.
2. Regarding personal health, patrons must be in generally good health. There are occasions when visitors have experienced dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, weak knees, heaviness in chest, or other uneasy feelings. If you do not feel well for any reason, sit down, and ask for help. Emergency services will be called if deemed necessary by management, or by request.
3. Visitors assume full responsibility for their possessions, vehicles and equipment. Electronic equipment has been known to malfunction upon visiting, for unknown reasons. It is recommended that visitors turn off cell phones in the mine area, and use caution when operating devices.
4. USE CAUTION at the mine site. WATCH YOUR STEP!
5. NO alcohol, illegal substances, or weapons are permitted in the mine.
6. Smoking is permitted INSIDE patrons’ vehicles only; litter MUST be kept inside vehicles (federal law).
7. Should you drive a vehicle into the mine premises, you agree to drive on mine roads, not drive off-road, abide by the posted speed which is 5 mph, and to set parking breaks upon arrival.
8. Crystals have SHARP edges or points that can cause cuts. It is highly recommended to wear hand and/or eye protection while digging or handling crystals. Do not hammer rocks, ground or trees, due to flying debris.
9. Food and drinks may be brought; all TRASH must be carried OUT. NO glass is allowed in the mine.
10. In event of severe weather or other emergency, all Visitors will be required to exit the premises IMMEDIATELY. Do not panic or run. Gather personal belongings and return to the STORE for further instruction. There are NO storm safe structures on the premises. In case of LIGHTNING, shelter in your car.
11. In event of any emergency, call 911 immediately, then call the main office to report the emergency. (479-243-0771 or 479-234-0992). Report any other problems immediately to staff. If emergency services are called on your behalf, you agree you are responsible for fees.
12. All Visitors participating in this training agree to hold Board Camp Campground LLC and Crystal Mine, and its associates, harmless of any and all liability. Regulations may be updated. THANK YOU FOR READING.
Visit our on-SITE crystal store when you arrive!
Visit our on-LINE crystal store by clicking "Store" in the Menu Bar.
MANY THANKS to our Visitors! We appreciate you!


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