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Welcome to the Board Camp Crystal Mine Testimony Page

We are excited to hear your story! Feel free to share your story and upload your ONE favorite image here (no video)

but we want to have a record of it all.  Would you please email additional images, video, and your testimonial in a Word or PDF format,

and email it to: info at

If you would like to attend an UnXplained Tour you can get your tickets HERE.

For any addtional questions, please call: 479-243-0771 or

email: info at


Title Total Testimonies
Unexplained Tour Testimonies
Have you been to one of our Unexplained Tours at the Board Camp Crystal Mine? Post your testimony and images here.
Working with Board Camp Crystals
How Board Camp Crystals have changed me.  
Moving or Levitated Stones Testimony
Have your Board Camp stones Moving or Levitated? Post your testimony and images here.
All Other Testimonies Here!
This is a "catch all" category!

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