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Welcome to the Board Camp Crystal Mine Gallery

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We are adding photos daily from those who have shared with us!

We want you to see what others have captured during an "UnXplained Tour"!



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Photos of phenomena taken at Board Camp Crystal Mine.
We are happy to accommodate your tour group! Please call for details and scheduling on any day or night of the week that doesn't conflict with scheduled public tours!  Savings of 20-25% for groups of 10 or more!
Josh Gates & Travel Channel filming May 2017
What a great team of film people! Thank you to Josh and his crew!
The Crystal Shop (Current and past photos... ALL crystals!)
Pictures taken inside and around the crystal shop.
Is BIGFOOT here?
Board Camp Crystal Mine has recently hosted some Bigfoot investigators. There have been MULTIPLE witnesses of MULTIPLE occurrences, and as RECENTLY as October 12 and 14, 2017, indicating that SOMETHING out there showed some FORCE!  What do YOU think?
Digging Crystals! (Past photos. We are not open for digging right now)
Digging for crystals... mining quartz... harvesting crystals... Treasure hunting... all for fun at the mine!
The Crystal Stage (Past photos. Festivals are not planned yet.)
Entertainment on the Crystal Stage
Visitor's Images & Posts of Crystal Digging (past photos)
To Our Rock Hound Friends: Post and share photos and comments of your finds to here!

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09-29-17 What do you think this is?

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09-17-17 Tina Kuhn's Energy field

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08-06-17 Brandy Triplet's orb

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Event Site

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The Marshall Tucker Band and Founders

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Crystal Mine in the shade of the forest!

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Lightning Bolt Jagged Crystals!

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Orville checks out his find to clean

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